Avalanche of autumn research

With the end of the semester approaching, I’ve begun to reflect on my research work and presentations I’ve focused on this fall. One of my main areas of focus has been digital pedagogy.  I gave a paper at  the Library Research Seminar VI on potential methods of assessment for student-generated digital projects:



The next month at the 2014 DLF Forum, I co-presented with Christine D’Arpa and Sarah Shreeves on our collaborative teaching of Omeka.net for Chris’s Public History course, as part of a larger panel on Digital Public History:  



Then a few weeks ago, I gave a presentation with Professor Anita Chan for the European Union Center at UIUC on our collaborative teaching with digital platforms for her Media and Cinema Studies courses. (I’ll update this with the embedded video when it’s posted.)

I’m now working on finishing up a book chapter for the forthcoming Data Driven: Digital Humanities in the Library volume that will pull much of this material together and then some into a piece on collaborative digital pedagogy between librarians and faculty, and potential assessment strategies for digital literacies.

My other focus has been continuing to build the user study with Emblematica Online.  In October, I gave a lightning talk at the DLF Forum on early analysis drawn from my summer interviews:  


And most recently, I gave another brief presentation on this work for our Library Research Showcase at UIUC:


I’ll be continuing my user study this winter with observational user testing of the newly revised Emblematica portal, and will be presenting a paper on the final results at ACRL 2015.

So it’s been a busy fall and there’s much more to come this winter, all with the aim of squeezing a few last citations on my final P & T dossier….

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