Summer of Things Wrapped Up and Untied

Spring hurtled to a close, the summer has sped by, and unbelievably it’s now the opening of August. A couple things have finally been pushed off my plate and onto the desks of journal editors.  And thanks to the lightning-speed timeline of the Hathi Trust Research Center Workset Creation for Scholarly Analysis project I joined a few months ago, it’s been a far more hectic summer of research travel than I originally anticipated.  One highlight I did want to note was my experience at DH2013, which included this  paper presentation I gave:

I appreciated the welcome response to my paper as well asmany fascinatingly rich dialogues at DH2013. In particular, I think the atmosphere showed how our community is growing in breadth of disciplinary scope, voices, and scholarly advocacy within the “Big Tent.” The amazing closing keynote by Isabel Galina on building a truly global DH community was a much-needed call for expanding the diversity of not only the researchers in DH but the language, communication methods, and foci of our research efforts.

My education at DH2013 was compounded by the Joint Conference on Digital Libraries, which I attended on the following week. There are several leading scholars who overlap between the two communities represented at DH and JCDL, including the two co-organizers of this year’s JCDL. But despite many shared research interests, the orientation still felt very different: At JCDL, while there was certainly incredible and very relevant research work showcased at it, there was open question of what the conference could do to sustain community, particularly among young scholars. DH2013, in contrast, was suffused with an abundance of possibility and energy among young and veteran scholars, and the only question was how to harness the opportunities effectively. As such, I think much could be gained from increased communications between the two communities and it very well could naturally happen quite soon.

In any case, those are just some winding-down thoughts and my focus now turns to August: the final month to “git ‘er done.”