Looking Forward

There’s less than one hour left in the year 2012 as I write this, and it’s striking how quickly the year has rippled away.  As I reflect on it, I don’t think it was a half bad twelve months, at least work-wise: I accomplished a good bit, built invigorating new connections, and tackled (perhaps one too) many projects that I now must complete in 2013.

I hope that the new year brings even more new connections and exciting endeavors, but I know that the year also holds a slew of challenges on multiple levels and in various facets of my life.  As such, I intend to approach everything one day at time.

My year begins with a trip to College Park in less than a week for the Digital Humanities Winter Institute, where I’ll be learning about humanities data curation (a topic on which I’m also finishing up an article for the next issue of Archive Journal).  My spring semester hurtles forward from there, and I’m gearing myself up for a marathon of work and projects.

In any case, I hope everyone has a blessed New Year with far more ups than downs, and here’s hoping for the best!

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