A June of Thought

I’m sitting in John Wayne Airport at the end of yet another marathon ALA Annual meeting where I gave three presentations in four days.  The first was a tutorial  at the ACRL preconference we organized, “Digital Humanities in Theory and Practice: Tools and Methods for Librarians,” and I taught a tutorial on how to use the web-based text mining tool MONK:

I also gave a brief presentation at the reception/informational session for the Text Creation Partnership about how the EEBO-TCP and ECCO-TCP collections have been invaluable to our faculty and students at Illinois.  Then yesterday, I was a member of a panel for the ACRL Research Program on “Data Curation as a Form of Collaborative Research”:

And the presentation handout is available here.
It was an intense but invigorating weekend:  Librarians and information professionals are eager to be engaged in the digital humanities and all forms of digital scholarship, and at our inaugural ACRL Digital Humanities discussion group, we had a wide-ranging and diverse talk on the ways in which we as librarians can become involved in the digital humanities.  (Keep an eye out for our forthcoming blog. . . . )
Now I have four weeks to pack up my apartment and get a couple articles out the door before I wing my way eastward for the next journey!

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